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Engaged ~ Doug & Janier

Hey everyone! I have such a beautiful Saturday morning post to share with y’all… get ready!

I headed over to Vancouver on August long weekend to photograph the engagement of Doug & Janier. Doug has been a friend of mine for years – we lived together in the final year of our degree at Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo. After VIU, Doug met Janier. They have lived together in Yellowknife, Fort St. John, Montreal, and are now in Vancouver with their adorable dog, Hermoso… needless to say, these two have been through a lot together and it shows. Their love is so true and strong and beautiful.

The day was full of laughter, chats about the past and future, and stories of love and loss. It was the first time I’d met Janier and also the first time I’d seen Doug in many years. By the middle of the day, the three of us were singing Natalie Imbrugia’s ‘Torn’ at the top of our lungs. By the end of the day, I was crying happy tears (literally sobbing) in their car as Janier so eloquently described his love for my wonderful and deserving friend. I am beyond happy that these two found each other! I can only hope that these photos show you their connection the way they feel it and the way I felt it in their presence.

Their wedding is one week from today. Holy smokes, I’m excited! They have special plans up their sleeves that they aren’t even telling me, but I am so ready to photograph each and every moment. Here’s to their bright and beautiful future…


And one more to share with you…
Near the end of the day, we went to East Hastings, an area that is close to Janier’s heart. As we walked the streets, we chatted about his work in the area, and he stopped to talk to a young woman who he saw crying on the street. Doug quickly whispered, “Get this picture; this one will be important to him”. I whipped around and snapped a few shots of the moment.

Janier rejoined us to explain that he wanted her to know that he saw her crying and that she will be okay. In his words, “… this moment was an experience that went beyond who I am. I am presented with the reality of the greed in the world. What we don’t realize is that anyone of us could be in that place in one way or another. She is a rainbow of beauty waiting to be noticed”. 


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Married! ~ Tanya & Derek

I spent sunny Saturday at Tanya & Derek’s beachfront wedding in Parksville. Tanya was one of the most beautiful Brides in the history of all weddings! Her style was simple, classic, and timeless. What I love about this couple is how they truly bring out the best in each other. They proved this on the dance floor of all places, where they performed an amazing choreographed routine that brought me to happy-tears! Here are a few teasers from their wedding day…


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Nicole & Liam

It was a small, joyful ceremony for Nicole & Liam this afternoon. I’ve known Nicole for many years, so I was oh-so-happy when she asked me to document her wedding day! I also got to meet their dog Bailey and “meet” their son Tucker, who is due this October. This new family is full of love and I could tell they care very deeply for each other… it just makes my heart melt!
So… here are a few teasers from today…



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